Project Overview

Barter is a Boston based start-up that works to bring "knowledge marketplace" to multinational corporations. Barter significantly reduces communication costs for such organizations, through a delicately designed economy system behind the scene. Consider it as an internal Quora where knowledge points could convert to dollars anytime.

Date: May 2012
Location: Boston
Duration: 1 Year, 2 months
Role: Web developer, Product designer

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Months: A journey of challenges and fun, sorrows and joys with a group of extremely talented colleagues

Challenge #1. Based on current site style, design two system-level monitors

The challenge here is to visualize the economy status for the knowledge market of a corporation. The dashboard presents the most critical information, and hides details in hover views or subpages.

  • Visualizing overall economy status for a multinational corporation

  • Single view user activity monitor

  • Activeness breakdown view

Challenge #2. Design a homepage for Barter

Barter's concept is rather abstract, and the challenge here is to make the homepage appealing yet accessible.

  • Front page (landing view)

  • Selling Barter's concept

  • More about how Barter works

Step #3. Re-design a PC and tablet friendly UI for corporate users

A new set of interfaces were designed in collaboration with QuartSoft. The main challenge here was to render the site cleaner, and responsive for both PC and tablets.

  • Homepage for corporate users - view questions and answers

  • Question/answer detailed view

  • User profile page

  • Add answer - simple input box

  • Document viewer

... You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.    - Walt Disney

Project Outcome

Barter ended service in mid 2013, by which time had had 5 large institutional clients with more than 10,000 trial users. My journey with Barter has been a most enriching one, tasks involving but not limited to: UI/UX design, front end and back end engineering, writing design specs, and working with external design consultancy.

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