Project Overview

Mealfor.us is a website built for students to order yummies online. It also enables restaurant owners to sign up, upload menus, track and update orders.

Date: November 2014
Location: CMU Web Application Dev Course
Duration: 4 weeks (class time)
Team:Shawn Xu, David Lyu
Role: UX design; Web development (Django)

{ 3 }

number of sprints it took in less than one month to complete the whole project

Step #1. Hand sketches and wireframes (Sprint 1)

In Sprint 1, a set of rough wireframes were produced and iterated on. They contained most of the site functionalities.

  • Homepage sketch

  • Order page (for user) sketch

  • Confirm order page / sign up page sketch

  • Order review page sketch

  • User profile management page sketch

  • Restaurant profile management page sketch

  • Restaurant menu management page sketch

Step #2. Iterative design and development (Sprint 1-3)

In each sprint, a product backlog was prepared and we each picked tasks from it to work on. With the time constraints, design and development worked closely together.

  • Order page under Sprint 2

  • Order page with dish selected under Sprint 3

  • Restaurant view order page under Sprint 3

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Project Outcome

At the end of Sprint 3, all the features specified in our product backlog were realized. The website was also deployed onto Heroku. For future work, we consider adding Yelp integration, so restaurants could effortlessly sync menus rather than having to type them.

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